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Space Crew Preview (ish)

Runner Duck isn’t a failed Warner Bros. cartoon, but the builders of Space Crew – out in October.

Space Crew
Source: Steam

Typing faster than a one-handed Chaturbate user on the verge of an unboxing, today was going to be a full-on Space Crew preview based on the PC build, but that’s materialised into the full game, so expect a thorough review in due course.

What I will, and can tell you is Space Crew, from Runner Duck and Curve Digital (they’re on form at the moment – check out Hotshot Racing), is pretty good – and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t really like space stuff. It’s the kind of game that you go through the motions and learning the mechanics but also looking at the clock. But when you look up at the clock after tagging a new orbit for the third time, hours have passed. 

Simple in its presentation, the game is feature-rich, and it’s the closest I’ve personally got to piloting my own spaceship. In this galaxy, at least. The game blends a ton of genres into one, but the one that pops is the strategy element, and as I dive deeper and deeper into the seedy depths of PC gaming once more, this seems to be my kind of game after all.

Enough about me, what about you? A thorough and somewhat informative review will follow in time for the release date, which is the 15th of October. If you can’t wait until then… tough.

Here’s a link to the Steam page. Sharing, caring and all that.

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