Space Crew Legendary Edition Review – A Whole New Frontier

Space Crew Legendary Edition is a free update to the base game.

If you aren’t in cahoots with Bezos, your next best route into space could be via Runner Duck and Curve Digital, with the Space Crew Legendary Edition. Enlist some recruits from the ranks of the United Defence Force, then set sail for an adventure taking down some rogue androids in this FREE update.

Instead of going through the rigmarole of explaining the premise, read the Space Crew review. This is an update, so the mechanics are the same as before, only we have a new arc where you battle former allies. Taking place after the Phasmid War, you will once again conduct a series of escort missions, clearing the area of enemies and eliminating their champions.

You can’t use your crew from the previous campaign and have to start afresh. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long to get stuck into the action, earning credits to upgrade your ship and gear for the crew, as well as research new technology. I don’t recall there being so many options in the base game the first time around, but there are sufficient settings so you can focus on the inner chaos of your ship rather than manually tagging, for example. Admittedly, this new(?) addition was excellent, and I embraced it early on.

Space Crew Legendary Edition - Champion
Proper champion. Source: Screen capture

The crew will level up through each mission, earning new abilities to the point where they can learn a new role – essential when you’ve only got one engineer on board! With the Space Crew Legendary Edition update, you can now recruit legendary members, unlocking them via the new Away Team missions or using community codes. If you’re the social sort. 

The Away Team missions transport a portion of your crew into undiscovered territories like abandoned space stations, where you have to navigate a series of rooms – often hostile, and complete multiple objectives much like an extension when you’re ship gets raided, only you get to be on the destructive side. It’s a nice addition and allows you to stretch your legs from the space desk job. The downside is you have limited supplies, so there’s a high chance that someone will be left behind.

Space Crew Legendary Edition gameplay can get a little overwhelming when you’re constantly repairing failing shields, oxygen tanks, or sending out your crew members to remove remote mines off your engine, but the gameplay settings are fair. 

Space Crew Legendary Edition - Bridge
Bridge. Source: Screen capture

There’s no need for a pitch, and this isn’t a typical review: Space Crew Legendary Edition is free if you already have the game. It’s well worth revisiting for the story arc and Away Team additions alone. But if you don’t have the base game, is it worth picking up? I’m assuming you overlooked the link to the Space Crew review, so to save you the hassle, it’s an excellent game and well worth the pennies.

Download Space Crew Legendary Edition today, or enquire about it on Steam, PS4, Xbox One or the Switch.