Source Of Madness Update Out In Time For Halloween

Introducing two new biomes, a new class and Halloween themes, a new Source of Madness update hits Steam shelves just in time.

It’s not long to go until Halloween, and if you’re spending a night in playing horror-themed titles, a Source of Madness update in the guise of ‘They Come From The Deep’ is waiting for you on Steam.

Currently in Early Access, this side-scrolling action RPG from Carry Castle and Thunderful Publishing gets its next big update in the way of two new biomes, a new class and themed decorations to celebrate Halloween.

Source Of Madness Early Access - Legless
Legless. Source: Steam

The first biome in the Source of Madness update is Plateau of Leng – a land fueled by a corpse-eating cult, the second is City of R’lyeh – ‘an ancient construction of non-euclidean proportions that feels as if it’s spent eons waiting for the end of all things’. 

As for the new class, it’s the Bloodmancer. They can equip a blood band that reduces their health by 50%(!!), but they can gain life each time they kill a monster or detach a limb. It looks like the pyromancer has a new challenger.

We’ve been delighted by the overwhelmingly positive response Source of Madness has received since launching in Early Access… We’re improving the game with every update thanks to the help of our community and we’re really excited for them to see how we’ve expanded this twisted world in the They Came From the Deep update.  

Per Fornander, Co-Founder at Carry Castle

Here’s the original trailer:

The Source of Madness update is available now, with the next one (introducing another biome, class and boss) will be available from the 15th of November.