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Source Of Madness Offers A Trial Of Sanity Until The 13th Of October

A rogue-lite with procedurally generated monsters, Source of Madness will be out in 2021 – Steam demo available now.

Source of Madness demo
Source: PR

Lovecraftian inspired Source of Madness is an upcoming title from Thunderful Publishing, where they’re offering a free demo during The Steam Games Festival.

An action rogue-lite from Carry Castle, the press info states that the development team are interested in incorporating new technologies to influence creativity:

For instance, applying machine-learning to conjure some truly weird and grotesque creatures. Another, is the use of AI-technology to bring life, natural movement and decisions to the monster to constantly challenge the player in this ever-changing world.

Source of Madness - Light
Let there be light. Source: PR

As a quick glimpse into this 2021 title, players will be able to experience the Act One of Source of Madness as you play as a newly initiated Acolyte using magic against procedurally generated monsters with a focus on physics.

See a trailer for the game here:

Source of Madness is currently available as a demo until the 13th of October, with the full release expected in 2021.

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