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Sol 705 Features Galactic Shenanigans To A 70s Soundtrack

An award-winning Kickstarter game, Sol 705 is finally out on PC, Mac and Linux via Steam!

Sol 705 out now on Steam
Source: PR

Sounding like a brand of jeans, Sol 705 is a classic 90s-inspired adventure available on Steam.

Here we go, my kind of game: a point and click adventure that’s coming to Steam, playable on PC, Mac and Linux, with the mobile versions getting an update to reflect the full game.

Sol 705, from Patricio Land (Twitter), takes place in 70s Tucana Lake, Argentina – certainly a location ignored by the classics, where we follow a group of dropouts seeking their next big adventure. 

Sol 705 - Candy
Use candy with girl. Source: PR

Your brother in the game, let’s not make any assumptions, is in a band and looking for an urgent replacement for their bass player and your job is to recruit one in time for the town’s upcoming festival.

Cue a rock n’ roll fusion with UFOs, and you get a blend of classic LucasArts and Sierra in this award-winning point and click adventure. I’m salivating at the thought of playing it.

Features in Sol 705 include:

  • 2D graphics with animations of great quality with the pixel-toon style.
  • Exquisite hand-drawn backgrounds and dozen of ultra weird characters.
  • An original soundtrack that goes from punk to the most awkward symphonic rock from the 70’s.
  • Super funny puzzles and amazing vintage stuff to collect and use!.
  • Full English voiced with Spanish, French, English, Russian and German dialogues.
  • This adventure plays honor to the great Lucas Arts, Sierra and Delphine software of yore.

Check it out on YouTube:

 To fast track to the Steam page, click here as Sol 705 is out now!

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