Sokobos Coming To Steam Next Month

Reckon you're good at puzzle games? Why not make a note of the upcoming Sokobos - a Sokobon type game that'll treat you with a nice little Greek tragedy. If you're good enough.

Puzzle games have never been so fiendishly good as Daisy Games’ growing catalogue. I reviewed Dark Crypt a while ago and have a couple more on the go, but this little bit of the internet is about their latest, Sokobos.

A Sokoban (block pusher) that meets Greek tragedy is a minimalistic puzzle game but also features a story. Granted inhuman strength, Aeschylus is indebted to the gods and must build Zeus a temple. Easy peasy. The only thing? He has to do it alone and emphasis on the Greek tragedy bit.

If you’re familiar with the indie developer’s other puzzle game, Dark Sheep, you’ll be in your element (or pulling your hair out) as it features similar mechanics where you push blocks into place, rotate parts, activate pressure plates, and will make you realise how much coffee you drink. The last bit is on me.

Key features in Sokobos include:

  • 60 challenging levels
  • Infinite undos
  • Unique mechanics uncommon in the Sokoban genre
  • Optional move optimisation mode with a leaderboard system
  • Colorblind support; Trichromatic, Dichromatic and Monochromatic options.

Here’s a super-duper trailer:

Sokobos is set for release on the 1st of April, no joke, on Steam. You can wishlist it via the link below, but I’ll be attempting to finish it by then (ha!) and will post my findings in what we typists call ‘reviews’. Until then…