Sofiya and the Ancient Clan Spells Trouble?

When questioning her elders, young Sofiya finds not only do they, but her entire kingdom turn on her in retro platformer Sofiya and the Ancient Clan.

Eastasiasoft is on fire once again. Fresh off the back of Sword and Fairy: Together Forever, tomorrow will be the launch of platform adventure Sofiya and the Ancient Clan. Anyone with 16-bit heritage should be drooling.

The words used in the press material for the game were ‘vibrant pixel art style’, and I couldn’t agree more. This looks just like the classic on the Amiga (the best computer ever made); it is a side-scrolling game with modern-day unlockables, including saucy images. Behave.

Being young and curious, Sofiya questions her surroundings, only to feel the full force of the entire kingdom. She’ll have to duke it out with her master and explore the kingdom, incapacitating guards and taking down ogres.

Key features in Sofiya and the Ancient Clan include:

  • Run, jump and cast powerful spells as an alluring young witch!
  • Survive a wide variety of roaming enemy types.
  • Overcome massive bosses and uncover dark secrets!
  • Enjoy lovingly crafted pixel art and fluid animations.
  • Unlock saucy story scenes and view them in your gallery!

Watch the trailer if you don’t believe me:

Sofiya and the Ancient Clan is out tomorrow on the PS4/5 and the Nintendo Switch, priced at $7.99/€7.99.

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