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Snakeybus Taking Over The Cities This April

Already a hit on PC, Snakeybus will hit consoles this April (PS4 NA will get it on the 31st March). Crazy Taxi meets the mobile classic Snake!

Snakeybus release date

Most people have a mixed opinion on public transport – some say it’s good for the environment and reliable, others may prefer the comfort of their own vehicle but it’s rare for many to say it’s a thrill-seeking experience, a.k.a. Snakeybus.

What the heck is this?! Some decades ago on a holiday to Germany, I saw my first bendy bus – you know the sort: two normal sized buses connected together by a concertina-like rubber in the middle. It looked like it wouldn’t work, but these buses were surprisingly agile and could fit a whole bunch of passengers on board. Snakeybus, from Digerati, takes it ‘one step further’, and that has to be a massive understatement.

Looking very much like a bus version of the popular mobile game on the old Nokias, Snake, you take control of a bus with multiple carriages and floor it around the city in what seems like Crazy Taxi, only with a bus that resembles a train.

Snakeybus - On time
This bus will be on time, as it never really left. Source: PR

Much like the aforementioned game Snake, as you collect your passengers, the length of the bus increases which further penalises your mobility, but awards you with a greater challenge and higher score.

We need a game like this right now; something that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but has that quality arcade approach for a pick up and play experience. Sure, Bus Simulator is a surprisingly good game, but what if you want to tear it through the city, jumping over obstacles and not faff about with tickets? Snakeybus ‘to the rescue’.

Other than the various modes, maps and new buses, here are a list of the in-game features:

  • Weave around, over, and under your ever-lengthening bus for high scores
  • Collect passengers across 11 maps, including Paris, Miami, non-Euclidean space, and a dorm room
  • Unlock exciting new buses to drive, such as School, Party, and Double Decker
  • Play Classic mode, or test your skills in Time Race, Endless, and Aerial modes
  • Be the best Snakeybus driver – challenge friends on leaderboards

Snakeybus will be a digital release from the 31st March/1st April for the PS4 (NA/EU), on the Nintendo Switch on the 2nd April, and catching up at the back, the Xbox One on the 3rd April.

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