Sky of Tides Washes On To Steam Shores In 2022

Help Rin escape her awful grandfather, find her scientist father and stop a war amongst her people in Sky of Tides - coming to Steam in 2022.
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With Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 teasing us with a 2023 release, games coming out in 2022 seem just around the corner – Sky Of Tides being one such game available from January, but what the devil is it?

It’s a sci-fi visual novel, and as the new poster boy for the genre, having come from a place where I often dismissed them, this is one on my radar. You play as Rin, who’s not only got the weight on her shoulders of healing her planet Numen, in a time where the universe is on the brink of war, but she’s also looking for her missing father. And you thought you had problems.

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Sky of Tides - Investigate
Go investigate. Source: Steam

From Lofty Sky Entertainment, it all hits the fan when Numen shatters, sending its vast ocean into the sky. The inhabitants can heal the planet once more with the Seal of Nations, but two opposing forces want it: one to restore balance, the other to form one central controlling government.

Rin’s role in this is coincidental. After her father goes missing and she’s left to stay with her abusive grandfather, an opportunity arises for her to escape – realising that she has a profound connection with the Seal of Nations. Each action she takes on her new journey will shape her personality over nine episodes.

Touted as a visual novel, Sky of Tides also behaves like a point and click adventure, and with illustrations that look like something out of Heavy Metal, well… I’m there…

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Sky of Tides - Stats
Stats. Source: Steam

Sky of Tides is out in January 2022. Keep an eye out for a future demo. How do you know when it’s out? Wishlist it!

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