Sky Beneath Turns Things Upside Down With A Demo

Join Cassie and Annie as they explore a ravaged planet of abandoned alien tech. What happened? Find out in the Sky Beneath demo on Steam.

Up-to-speed on reviews, here’s news about Sky Beneath – a gravity-defying adventure available on Steam as a playable demo now, with console versions coming out next year.

Gravity-defying is always cliche, but if you check out the trailer further down, you’ll see that Mindhaven Games give Newton’s muse the finger as they rewrite the rules in their gravity manipulation title.

You play Cassie, a scavenger salvaging abandoned mining facilities. With the assistance of her pal Annie and some top-notch alien technology, players will be able to walk up walls and ceilings like it was nobodies business. 

Sky Beneath - Time to explore
Time to explore. Source: Steam

…the full game will expand upon these systems as the story kicks into high gear, tossing Cassie and Annie into a host of unexpected scenarios. We wanted players to get a taste of what’s to come ahead of Sky Beneath coming to PC, as well as consoles next year.

Eero Kuurne, Creative Director at Mindhaven Games

Sky Beneath will see the classic bonding of humans and tech, not in the Tetsuo fashion but uncovering a story as to why the previous inhabitants of the land they are exploring left in the first place. 

Here’s the Sky Beneath trailer:

Sky Beneath is coming to Steam first, then consoles next year. You can now play the demo via the link below, but it’s already piqued my interest, so I will be giving an opinion of sorts in the next few days.