Sir Lovelot Aiming To Be Popular With Gamers, As Well As The Ladies

Woo the damsels with gifts in the fastest time possible, beating the baddies along the way in Sir Lovelot.

The more you find out about Sir Lovelot, the more you want to play it – least, that’s my thoughts of this precision platformer heading to consoles and PC next month.

The title is a little throwaway, as is the pixel art aesthetic, but seriously, watch the trailer and that will all change. This game from Pixel Games, and Sometimes You is one to watch.

What’s Sir Lovelot about? It’s a quest about love where the titular hero has to impress damsels that are ‘harder than a heart of stone’. You have to shower them with gifts, but expect to fight some nasties along the way. Additionally, it’s a timed affair too!

Sir Lovelot - Easy
Easy. Yeah, right. Source: Steam

If Sir Lovelot is as witty as whoever wrote the promo material (not me), then there’s a lot to look forward to. Features include:

  • Hundreds of screens with devious challenges, in over 40 handcrafted levels
  • A whole arsenal of unsuspecting nasties roaming the land, plus a fire-breathing boss to round things off
  • Dozens of time-slicing hidden short-cuts, secret rewards and golden eggs -> damsels really love those!
  • A beautiful soundtrack by Alexander Falinski, known for his talent on Cut the Rope, LightSlinger Heroes, Tap the Frog…
  • 14 languages: English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese – Traditional, Luxembourgish
  • 4-6 hours of playtime on average for the first run. About twice as much for the 105% completionists out there

Here are some moving images:

Sir Lovelot is out on the 3rd of March on the PS4/5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Steam.