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Silicon Dreams Isn’t Just About The Sheep

A Blade Runner-esque dystopian future that has you interrogating fellow androids. There’s no Deckard ambiguity here other than your motivations: Silicon Dreams on Steam.

Silicon Dreams out now on Steam
Source: Steam

With the abundance of cyberpunk games out there, it must be challenging for developers to come up with a unique title. There’s nothing wrong with the name Silicon Dreams, but it doesn’t shout out at you.

Fortunately, the gameplay does, and after reading about this earlier today, I was keen to post a news piece on it. Silicon Dreams is a cyberpunk thriller from Clockwork Bird and is available on Steam.

Silicon Dreams - Eye, Eye
Eye, eye. Source: Steam

Using the Blade Runner model of the Voight-Kampff is surprisingly underused in games, which is a blessing as it hasn’t been done to death. The idea of interrogating rogue androids is a massive appeal, what with being a Dick fan. I’ll leave that hanging (heh – hanging… Dick). Note the capitialisation.

Anyway, it’s a dystopian future, and you play an android with the purpose of grilling fellow androids. Intimidate, manipulate, betray and befriend – all of the highlights in your role can either assist the androids’ plight or make it worse.

Core features in the game include:

  • Speak, or forever hold your peace – Carefully control the flow of information. Decide what to reveal, and when, and to whom.
  • Facts vs feelings – Monitor interviewees’ emotions in real-time: joy, sadness, anger, disgust, shock, and fear. Use this data to plan a strategy & draw conclusions. 
  • Live and let die – Choose to spare deviant androids, or condemn them and secure your own survival within the corporation.
  • Branching paths – Move through a vast web of dialogue options and experience multiple endings depending on the path you choose.

And here you can watch a trailer for Silicon Dreams:

Silicon Dreams is available now on PC, Mac and Linux via Steam.

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