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Silent World Coming To Nintendo Switch

Silent World Switch

Sometimes the simplest of titles will work. There’s no need for complicated titles such as Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer featuring The Legend of Zelda, that’s why Silent World rolls off the tongue like ‘better than RSI’.

Putting Silent Hill 2 on a pedestal may seem a little pointless as there’s been plenty of horror games since, and it’s not as if the game was from a recent generation of consoles. However, it’s the definitive horror game so whenever there’s a ‘silent’ that features in a game title, eyebrows will raise. How will Silent World fair? Is it even a horror game? The word ‘silent’ hasn’t been trademarked, so it’s fair game.

Silent World, from CFK, is a very different type of horror game and has the visual style that is more like Beholder than the Konami favourite. It appears to be a puzzle platform game, and from the very brief trailer, looks like it could be a blast. The game environment itself is set in a world ruined by nuclear war and the nasties that occupy the landscape are of the mutant variety. Much like how it is going to the supermarkets these days.

A standout feature of Silent World is the use of sound. According to the trailer:

Sound that heightens the tension in the game.

Silent World trailer

Marvellous. So already feeling the effects of a fallout with mutants on the prowl, the sound will adapt to the context of the game? One foresees some pant-filling here – the lighting also seems to play a part in the game world as well. It’s a bit like Skyhill, to some extent, only you can interact with moveable objects and make better use of hiding from the evident threats.

We don’t have long to wait to try out Silent World, also available on Steam, as the release date is set for the 19th March, with pre-orders available from the 12th March.

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