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Sifu Set For 2022. I Know Kung Fu

A tale of vengenace – seeking out those who murdered your family, upcoming Sifu is a visceral approach to classic kung fu movies and heading to PC, PS4 and PS5.

Sifu coming in 2022
Source: PR

As a big fan of martial arts, seeking out any relatively realistic fighting mechanics that challenge IK+ for the title is an ongoing Kung Fu like quest. Perhaps that quest is nearing an end with Sifu?

A teaser trailer floated about last month, and for some reason, it got buried during the Steam Next Fest coverage, but new images released have reminded me of this upcoming kung fu action title.

Sifu - Way of the incense
Way of the incense. Source: PR

Sifu is a combination of HitmanSleeping Dogs and Absolver. How’s that for a cocktail? As a lifelong kung fu student, you get to put the years of diligent training into effect after the murder of your family to an assassination squad.

Located in a fictional Chinese city, you patrol the streets seeking justice with your chops, slaps and kicks to the nuts, and anything else you can get your hands on – i.e. beer bottles, to ensure that these chumps remember you. Armed with a magical pendant, you’ll get to revive yourself after each death, inflicting more vengeance on the perpetrators.

Sifu is a hand-drawn experience that fuses classic beat ’em ups in a 3D environment, taking much of its inspiration from classic kung fu films. Let’s hope Golden Harvest is among those influences. This is a single-player adventure by Slocap and looks fantastic.

Sifu is coming in 2022 to PC, PS5 and PS4. Sign up for the newsletter on the official site for updates.

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