The Slimy, Mechanical Shoulders of Giants Out Next Week

Ever wanted to step into the skin of an amphibious gun slinger that rides a mech? Want three other friends to join you? Step onto the Shoulders of Giants - this month on Xbox and Epic Games Store.

Ham and cheese, ebony and ivory, Harvey and Dent… These all make the perfect pairings, but a frog and robot? Who’d have thought it’d work? Moving Pieces Interactive did, and this is their story… Shoulders of Giants.

How else to tell their story? Why, through a sci-fi rogue-like, don’t you know. It’s a co-op (for up to four players), where you play the sexy, slimy, saucepot frog that rides a ‘mysterious mech’.

Think Shoulders of Giants sounds a bit mental? Just wait until you find out you’re being led by a psychic owl. Key features include…

  • Army of Four: Battle the forces of entropy in four-player online co-op. Is your teamwork strong enough to survive?
  • Grow as you go: Experience quick bursts of roguelike joy, as you explore, grow, and become gloriously overpowered on a never ending ride of randomized levels. 
  • A Galaxy Far Away: Shoot ‘n’ slash your way through explosively colourful planets, restoring life and light to the shattered worlds as you fight.
  • Loot that Matters: From grappling hooks to glowing grenades, each new pickup can radically alter your power and playstyle. Mix and match abilities to create a moveset that’s all your own!
  • Best friend mode: Up for a truly chaotic co-op challenge? A unique co-op mode where you team up with a friend, each taking control of either the frog or the robot and effectively controlling one player character together 

Don’t think a frog/robot combo will work? Watch the trailer:

Shoulders of Giants is out this month – the 26th of January 2023, time travellers – for the Xbox and PC (Epic Games Store – pre-order it now).