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Ship Graveyard Simulator Out Next Week

Ship Graveyard Simulator – where all the bad ships go after they’ve served their purpose… on Steam next week.

Ship Graveyard Simulator out next week
Source: Steam

Do you grow tired of all these ‘Simulator’ titles? Not me. They’re far from imaginative with the titles, but at least you know that Toilet Simulator is precisely that. What’s Ship Graveyard Simulator then? Make some notes as it’s out next week.

Here’s a reality check for you: ships don’t go to ship heaven, and instead, they end up in some dock somewhere to be stripped down and sold off for a tidy profit. That’s where you come in as a dismantler extraordinaire; sniffing out the best parts that can make you some money.

If you had told me about this a few years back, I’d have smirked and said that it sounds as dull as paint. However… these simulator games prove to be some of the most enjoyable (I’m currently playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 as if my life depends on it). Ship Graveyard Simulator is no exception and looks just as immersive as similar titles.

Check out the trailer from Games Incubator:

Ship Graveyard Simulator will be available on Steam from the 10th of November 2021.

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