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Shing! Dear Diary, Need To Eliminate The Repetition

Shing! gets confirmed release date and devs issue a video explaining their thought process.

Here’s a super title that is heading our way at the end of next month: an arcade action game that has the classic elements of a beat ’em up, but with a degree of complexity towards the fighting styles.

I’ve covered Shing! already, and pleased to mention it again as looking forward to it. A game from Mass Creation who created Corridor Z, the game is a side-scrolling fighter.

Shing! - Excused
Excused. Source: Mass Creation

Today’s news piece isn’t a trailer, but a dev diary that’s worth watching – especially with the insight of making a beat ’em up without being repetitive, but accessible enough to lure players in.

It’s almost like having the complexity of EA Sports UFC 3, only without the groundwork!

Watch the Shing! dev diary here:

In the meantime, jot down the 28th August in your diary, as that’s when we can expect the game for the Switch, PS4, PC, Mac and Linux. 

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