Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Opens In 2021

Join the beginning chapter of the ultimate detective in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, coming in 2021.

In Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, we explore the origins and dark past in one of literature’s most infamous detectives.

But hold up for just a second: the game isn’t due until 2021, so only read on if you can display a little bit of patience!

A third-person detective thriller, Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is a story-driven title from Frogwares who released The Sinking City last year.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One - Violet
Violet Holmes. Source: Steam

This will be a prequel of sorts and a very personal story.

This time around we wanted to be more creative with the story we told and found an idea that hasn’t really been touched on by other adaptations – Sherlock’s “first big case” as a young 21 year old adult. He is Sherlock at his core, but at this point he’s more raw talent than refined genius. Reckless and impatient and a tad brazen, but unknowingly already on the path to greatness.

Antonina Melnykova, Lead Narrative Designer

There will be an element of combat in the game, but there will be a focus on Holmes’ observational skills more than brute force.

I’m getting a Vampyr scent off of this title, and that’s got to be a good thing.

Though the following isn’t the actual gameplay, the game engine footage is looking pretty good:

And just in case you’ve been skimming this article, Sherlock Holmes Chapter One isn’t out until 2021, but it’ll be coming to the PS4, Xbox One, PC and next-gen consoles.