Sheepo Is A Lone Wolf When It Comes To Creature Sampling

Can't decide what to wear today? How about another creature? Sheepo is a shape-shifting Metroidvania out now.

Out now on Steam, Sheepo – a shape-shifting creature that can absorb the characteristics of all living lifeforms it encounters!

Don’t follow the crowd and think for yourself by being a sheep. That’s right, going against the grain here as you play a shape-shifting beast that can morph into any creature in comes into contact with.

Deemed a ‘shape-shifting Metroidvania‘, Sheepo is a game developed by Kyle Thompson, and I have to go on record in saying they must be someone who can shape-shift into a fully operational development team as this looks stunning.

Sheepo - Light Show
Light show. Source: PR

It’s nice to have a pretty presentation, but there’s motivation behind the story. You see, it’s your first day on the job, and you have to collate samples from every creature on Planet Cebron. It’s not a small task, but a full day on the planet lasts 8000 Earth days, so you have a bit of breathing space.

As you ‘collect’ each creature in this platformer, you can morph into them and explorer greater depths that you couldn’t with your current form. To say I’m intrigued would be an understatement – Sheepo looks fabulous!

Here’s a launch trailer to caress your eyeballs:

Out now on Steam, all you need to do is click the link and buy now, or if you’re saving your pocket money, wishlist it. 

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