Shady Part Of Me Offers 10% Discount Until Christmas Eve

With a glowing list of testimonials, Shady Part Of Me is a title you need to check out - it also has a 10% discount!

Wow, where did Shady Part Of Me come from? Just watching the trailer and ignoring the glowing reviews, it’s clear this a standout title, and I’m now sifting through my Rolodex wondering why it’s only now I find out.

As per a couple of other comparisons that have been used in the accolades trailer, I’d like to draw my own conclusions and say it looks like a mixture of A Tale of PaperElectronic Super Joy (I have my reasons), and Gris

The gameplay is unique in that you can shift between a little girl and her shadow to solve both 2D and 3D puzzles, in an emotional dream-like journey that is deemed poetic.

Shady Part Of Me - The Abyss
Looking into the abyss. Source: Steam

Key features in Shady Part Of Me include:

  • Play with light and shadows, switching between 2D and 3D gameplay at will
  • Your ability to rewind time will help you get you through all situations
  • Explore surreal environments envisioned in a unique watercolor style
  • Solve contemplative puzzles to break the dream
  • Experience an introspective narrative journey like no other

There’s no doubt it’s enchanting, and this accolades trailer reinforces that:

From Douze-Dixièmes and Focus Home Interactive (behind the excellent The Council), the game is currently available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and the Switch. It has a 10% discount on all platforms until December 24th.