Serum Is An Ominious Noun, Here It Might Be A Survival Game

At some point, Serum will come to Steam. The story surrounding the game is shrouded in mystery, as is the release date. It looks nice, though.

Upcoming Serum is as much of a mystery as time travel. A press release with lots of ambiguity means there’s not much to say about this other than it’s coming to Steam. Well, it has a Steam page, so using the process of deduction.

Perhaps in the gaming community, this elusiveness will build up enough hype, but if it wasn’t for the trailer, it could easily have been ignored. Even then, it’s not clear what the game is about other than a deadly virus.

Serum - Ray
That’s Ray. Source: Steam

Serum is a survival game, and you’ll need it as the serum is keeping you alive, and not just about all that nourishment going into your hair. Mystery seems to be the goal here, as indicated below:

In our latest survival project, we want to bring the element of mystery. We meet our character right after he gets an implant with a microchip and his bloodstream is filled with the deadly virus. After waking up, he sees a timer on the forearm, which indicates the remaining lifetime.

Michał Ojrzyński, CEO Game Island

A first-person perspective, the trailer oozes a new Far Cry title, and that’s a good thing, what you do other than injecting yourself is unclear. There’s no release date for it either, so perhaps Game Island are waiting for some feedback and ideas from Johnny Public?

Well, that rings true as ‘The premiere date is still a secret but the studio will keep us updated on their Social Media channels and a dedicated Discord Server’. Guess that means you need to get social, peeps?

Here’s the new Far Cry Serum trailer:

As above, no release date is scheduled – this year, next? Add it to your wishlist if interested, and you’ll be notified in due course.