Sengoku Dynasty May Not Define Peace, But This Sim Looks Like Bliss

The Sengoku jidai is arguably most samurai fans favourite period in Japanese history, only the events in Sengoku Dynasty focus on community, rather than the raging wars.

I’m feeling better now – thank you all for your lovely emails… oh wait – I didn’t get any, and you didn’t know. You might see a few posts pop up note that are DAYS late in comparison to other sites, so apologies for the old new news. Here’s the first: Sengoku Dynasty.

Believing this to be an add-on DLC for Medieval DynastySengoku Dynasty is a story-driven survival adventure, very much in the same stable as the other simulator – coincidentally published by Toplitz Productions once more. However, the developer here is Superkami Games.

Set during feudal Japan – arguably the best era for movies, games and books, but not so much for the folk experiencing at the time, you’ll get the opportunity to build a village and manage the flow of inhabitants. Play in solo mode or with friends, as a sandbox or story-driven experience; this simulator will be a delight for any Japanophile.

Key features in the game include:

  • Survival Village Builder: Build a beautiful village, grow it into a thriving city and enjoy the feeling when new inhabitants populate your town. Build more towns and create a vibrant community all over the valley.
  • Life Simulator In Feudal Japan: Live your life in former times in beautiful Japan, from a peasant to the leader – make your way through history.
  • Play Solo And Co-Op: Build your legend on your own or get some help in conquering the vast map that will make you forget about time.
  • Sandbox Mode Or Story Mode: Choose your own playstyle. Follow the captivating story that grips you from the very beginning or explore an open world that allows you to unleash your creativity.
  • Developed In Cooperation With Experts In Japan History: Every part of Sengoku Dynasty has been faithfully researched, from the smallest stones right through to its culture and politics; all should be historically accurate.
  • Deep Cultural Aspect: Learn more about the Japanese Culture in the Middle Ages and experience the fascinating traditions.
  • Deep Crafting And Building Mechanics: Craft tools, weapons, meals, medicine, cultivate land. Work on Special Projects that will change the world.
  • Melee And Ranged Weaponry: Protect your village and your beloved ones: study weaponry, craft your weapons and learn how to use them. From simple wooden spears, through unique Japanese weapons and bows up to gunpowder…
  • Village And Family Management: Build up your villages, ensure the long-term existence and growth and create a prosperous dynasty for generations to come.

While I was typing up this Sengoku Dynasty news, I just got an email to say the first trailer has been released. Coincidence?

Sengoku Dynasty is expected sometime in 2022, but don’t rely on your noggin and simply wishlist it now on Steam, so you’ll get all those juicy updates.