It’s June, Head For The Lake In Season’s Greetings DLC

Return to Providence Oaks one more time, the year before Meredith arrives, playing as her father, Thomas, in Season's Greetings DLC for Lake.

Not to wish one’s life away, what with the summer weather and all, but roll on Christmas. The good people at Gamious, developers of the excellent Lake and publisher Whitethorn Games, have announced a prequel story in the form of DLCSeason’s Greetings.

The story takes place a year before Meredith’s arrival, and you play her father, Thomas Weiss. Some familiar faces appear, as well as five new residents in Providence Oaks. For players unfamiliar with the story, you need not play it to enjoy this prequel, but I recommend it.

As far as we know, Season’s Greetings might be the first game that doesn’t just add a visual layer to make it a ‘Christmas game’, but is built from the ground up to let players experience a game in the true spirit of Christmas. With the annual bombardment of Christmas-themed music and movies, we think it’s about time to add a holiday game to that tradition!

Says Gamious’ Creative Director, Jos Bouman

Here’s an announcement trailer:

The platforms and actual release date have yet to be confirmed but expect to see Season’s Greetings DLC for Lake this coming holiday season.

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