What Be That On Thar Sea Horizon? A Console Release, That’s What

Explore the hex grid map of Myrihyn on this turn-based RPB coming to consoles mid-July - Sea Horizon, from Eastasiasoft.

No stranger to a rogue-like sea adventure (see Pirate Outlaws), I’m pleased to see that Eastasiasoft has entered the fold and will be releasing Sea Horizon this month for consoles.

A turn-based RPG from a 3D bird’s eye perspective, you set out to explore ‘the shattered archipelago of Mrrihyn’, in this hex grid map, selecting from a group of characters, each with their respective backstory.

Key features in Sea Horizon include:

  • Traverse a hex map in traditional role-playing style!
  • Carefully choose your actions using cards and dice rolls in turn-based combat.
  • Discover hidden locations and unearth treasures to aid in your journey!
  • Unlock and play as multiple characters, each with unique stories and motivations.
  • Manage your hunger and health as you weigh risk versus reward in each scenario.
  • Explore multiple endings as you face randomized locations and events!

Check out the trailer below:

Pick up Sea Horizon of PS5/4, Xbox Series X/S/One, and the Nintendo Switch from the 12th of July 2023 for £14.99/$14.99. Look out for a review on the day!