ScourgeBringer Coming To The Switch

In open development, ScourgeBringer is available in Steam Early Access but will be coming to the Switch this year.

Sounding a bit like a medieval cleaning product, ScourgeBringer is coming to the Switch – a rogue-lite action title. The game, not the Switch.

You might already be familiar with the title as it’s currently available on PC via Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Pass, but those of us unfamiliar can see the full launch later in 2020 for said platforms, and of course, the Switch.

But what’s it all about?

ScourgeBringer - Ice Ice Baby
Ice, Ice, Baby. Source: PR

Featuring pixel art graphics, aerial combat, fluid control and a soundtrack by Joonas Turner (who did Downwell), you play Kyhra who is sent out to uncover the secrets of an Eldritch monolith that is the underlying (or pretty obvious) threat to her people.

Armed with a combat drone, she crawls the dungeons in search of ancient machines and untold secrets while shooting and slashing her way forward.

Features in ScourgeBringer include the following:

  • Dive into fast-paced rogue-platforming gameplay described by Eurogamer as “Dead Cells meets Celeste”
  • Slash and shoot your way smoothly with super fluid platforming controls
  • Sharpen your skills with a frantic combat system focused on attacks only
  • Dash forward to the otherworldly adaptive sounds of Joonas Turner (Nuclear Throne, Downwell, Broforce…)
  • Defy hordes of unspeakable enemies and giant bosses holding the secrets of the Scourge
  • Explore the infinite depths of an ever-changing dungeon
  • Uncover mysteries and find mementos of previous explorers to unlock reality defining secrets

Have a looksie at the Early Access trailer below:

Flying Oak Games, with the support of publisher Dear Villagers, will be bringing this title out later in the year as currently in open development. 

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