Save Your Nuts release date

There were too many superlatives heading my way when I read the news about Save Your Nuts. As a party animal that takes good care of their nuts, this comes across as a title I need to play.

I’m far from a party animal, but my nuts and I are on good terms.

Save Your Nuts, from Triple Scale Games, is a party game for up to eight local players, through online play or you can set up the remaining players as bots if you lack in the friends department. The latter option is overlooked far too much – either by developers with far too many friends, or they think it’s not needed. Well, sometimes I my friend likes to play alone against bots.

Save Your Nuts - Basketball
Basketball, basket case, crazy, nuts… Source: PR

There are three modes in the game: Capture the Nuts, Thieves and Battle. The main mode is Capture the Nuts, and rather than reword the press release; this is the quote:

…where an acorn is dropped and critters fight to nipple on it.

I’ll leave that hanging there – whether it was a typo or strange play on words. The Thieves mode has you playing in teams, stealing the other team’s nuts while protecting your own and Battle is the last animal standing. No further details are mentioned, but I’m predicting knife fights or something like Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

Save Your Nuts - Playerz
It’s a well know fact that animals speak in French. Source: PR

A quick note on the animals, it’s fair to assume that you play squirrels in the game, but there are also dogs, racoons and beavers, just to name a few. You can even dress them up in cute little outfits. Awwww. I, however, am more preoccupied with restraining from writing further sentences about nuts and beavers.

Here’s a summary of Save Your Nuts’ features:

  • Eight players; locally, online or with bots
  • Three modes; Capture the Nuts, Thieves and Battle
  • 10 different arenas
  • Various power-ups and environmental hazards
  • More nuts than a Jackass Reunion Tour

There’s currently a Save Your Nuts demo available for the Switch, Xbox One and also on Steam. No news about a PS4 version at the moment, but if you own one of those above, download it and give it a go. Demos are free, don’t you know.

Save Your Nuts is out on the Switch, Xbox One and Steam from the 16th April for £11.99 GBP/$14.99 USD, but you can pre-order now if you’re organised and have the dough.

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