Slashy Swipey – Samurai Challenge Is Out Today

Consider yourself a bit of a samurai nut? Got a VR setup that's not PSVR? Check out Samurai Challenge then. It's out today, features VR, samurai and swords. Simples.

There haven’t been many titles that have nailed first-person melee combat, in my opinion, nor have there been that many that fused well with feudal Japan. Well, xeen’s VR Samurai Challenge could be that entry point.

Players will get to put their helmets to use(!) and tussle with swordsmen, spearmen and mounted troops. Not only will they inflict the pain, but dodge and deflect incoming hurty stuff. Once the mission is over, there’ll be a ranking system.

There are ten stages in Samurai Challenge, and they include fighting in castles, through to fallen battle lines and dark fields. Very deep. Aside from wielding dual swords, there’s a double sabre, but from the screenshot looks like a naginata.

Anyhoo, here’s a trailer:

I’m posting this Samurai Challenge news as it looks pretty cool, but I don’t have the kit to try it out. It supports HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and the Valve Index, but no PSVR option for us minnows. If you’re a samurai nut and done with Ninja Assault, maybe this is your new VR fix?