Sam & Max This Time It's Virtual!
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Sam & Max This Time It’s Virtual! heading to virtual reality devices in the first half of 2021, sadly, not yet playable on your fridge.

I’m dreaming, right? Sam & Max are one of my all-time favourite duos since The Chuckle Brothers. This could be a Gwent game, train simulator or visual novel – as long as they’re in it, I’m sold. However, this new adventure is a VR game.

From HappyGiant, this new setting in the VR world has you playing as a new recruit to be trained up by the infamous Freelance Police. This means completing a graded course in an abandoned theme park with the pair, ensuring you meet their standard.

Sam & Max This Time It's Virtual! - Coffee
Anyone for coffee? Source: PR

Creator of the series, Steve Purcell, is consulting on the game design, art and story, plus the original voice actors David Nowlin and Dave Boat are back as Sam and Max.

Decades ahead of the curve, we spoofed what Sam & Max VR might be like. Now, finally we can really step into their world. HappyGiant is doing an amazing job capturing the flavor of Sam & Max’s bizarre universe. After drawing these characters for so long, it’s mind-blowing to finally walk through the door and actually interact with Sam & Max in VR.

Steve Purcell, the creator of Sam & Max

Key features in Sam & Max This Time It’s Virtual! include:

  • Experience the two-fisted japes and tomfoolery of internationally beloved icons Sam & Max in mind-melting virtual reality!
  • So real you can feel Sam’s breath on your neck!
  • Gape in stupefied awe as Sam & Max run amok through their sixth or seventh medium, leaving a trail of broken hearts and minds in their wake!
  • Push yourself to be the best of the best of the middling, as a dog and a naked rabbity thing harangue you through different Freelance Police Academy training challenges.
  • In an abandoned amusement park they have retrofitted, play as a trainee under Sam & Max’s tutelage/verbal abuse to become a member of the Freelance Police.
  • Discover the horrible and socially relevant secrets lurking behind, under, and within Cap’n Aquabear’s rotting theme park!
  • Give evil scientists and demonic trespassers their just desserts… with sprinkles!

Here’s a teaser for Sam & Max This Time It’s Virtual!

Alas, you can’t go play this immediately as it’s not out until the first half of 2021, but there’s hope as we know we’ll be getting to see the best police freelancers since, well, the real ones.

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