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Sail Forth coming in 2021
Source: PR


Sail Forth Is A Procedurally Crafted Adventure On The Deep Blue

Coming in 2021, Sail Forth, an indie adventure on the open seas with an immersive atmosphere and soundtrack.

Sail away and Sail Forth in a new game from David Evan Games and The Quantum Astrophysics Guild, coming to consoles and PC via Steam.

A procedurally crafted adventure on the seas where you command a series of custom rigs, facing off against pirates and all that comes with the deep blue. It’s not out for a while, but a sneak peek, and it looks ruddy marvellous.

Sail Forth key features include:

  • Explore the sea, jumping from ship to ship – you’ll need to stay on your toes in the Deepblue.
  • Deep customization for all ships; change the boat’s color, use custom sails, and pick your crew.
  • Navigate a rich world with an immersive atmosphere and soundtrack.
  • True to life realistic sailing physics presented with user-friendly, accessible controls.

Here’s a trailer:

Sail Forth is heading towards the Switch, PlayStation and Xbox (models not specified so maybe next-gen?) and Steam in 2021. Add to your wishlist in the meantime!

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