Sacre Bleu! A Bullet Time Aerial-Ballet Combo Action Platformer, You Say?

One of the things to make you say 'sacre bleu' in the upcoming platformer, Sacre Bleu, is the steampunk blunderbuss your 17th century musketeer wields.

I’m sorry, French cousins, but Sacre Bleu always makes me chuckle – as much as Americans think the Brits all say, “Crikey! What’s up guv’nor?”. However, Vulgar Knight is not a cultured website of worldwide customs, no guv’nor, this is a new piece about a bullet time indie from Hildring Studio.

Bullet time isn’t enough: bullet time aerial-ballet combo more like with platforming gameplay, and published by Noodlecake (Art of Rally). That’s a mouthful – maybe it’d entice you to say, Sacre… ok.

The game revolves around a 17th-century jailbreak. You play a musketeer captain, assisted by an inventor who equips you with a steampunk blunderbuss. Nice.

Key features in Sacre Bleu include:

  • Bullet time combat as you ricochet through midair!
  • Blunderbuss propulsion that can be used as a weapon or for platforming!
  • Combat grades that unlock tougher levels to test your skills!
  • Stylized action in gorgeous 3D environments!
  • Vast prison regions like the armory, sewers full of hidden secrets!
  • Speedrunning leaderboards! 

…and the debut announcement trailer:

Sacre Bleu is heading to Steam and the Nintendo Switch in 2024 (dates will be confirmed when the musketeer in question breaks out.