Run Die Run Again Lets Parkour Live On In 2021

Run Die Run Again (RDRA) is the debut from RetroNinja, due in 2021, this precision platformer looks ace.

Run Die Run Again (RDRA) is a fast-paced parkour title heading to PC, Mac and Xbox One in 2021 from RetroNinja.

Timing matters and when environmental hazards pose the biggest threat, you need your wits about you with precision timing, fast reactions and acrobatic dodging skills.

Set in 2127, with a somewhat evil corporation cyberpunk theme, a gameshow exists called The Run, and contestants, the Runner’s, weave in and out of virtual obstacle courses to become The Selected.

Run Rie Run Again - Gravity Falls
Gravity…falls. Source: PR

They don’t necessarily win a speedboat, gold-plated pen or cinema tickets, but instead, fame and fortune and perhaps the freedom they crave from a dystopian-like future.

Keys features in Run Die Run Again include:

  • First-person parkour. Precise and responsive first-person platforming controls, enable players to; run, dash, double-jump and stop on a dime.
  • A variety of race courses. Dozens of hand-crafted areas, not including alternate route variations, give players upwards of a hundred deadly obstacle courses.
  • Original electronic soundtrack. A unique blend of drum & bass, trap, industrial, trance and hip-hop, keeps players pumped and the momentum going.
  • Unlockable Items. Courses, Songs, Character Holograms, Skins & Celebrations can all be obtained throughout play; as well as hidden “Runner Logs”, which provide world-building lore.
  • Dynamic contextual commentary. The host of RDRA periodically makes context-sensitive comments on the player’s actions, providing world building and flavor.
  • Leaderboards. Local and Global leaderboards, encourage competition among players and the speed-runner community.

Check out the Run Die Run Again trailer here:

Due in 2021, hop on over to the Steam page for more info.