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Ruiner Cyberpunks The Nintendo eShop

Critically acclaimed Ruiner is available now on the Nintendo eShop with a physical version to follow very soon.

What would a week be without something related to cyberpunk? Doomed. Fear not: here’s news of a new (ish) cyberpunk title that will ruin him, and Ruiner.

The buggers at Devolver Digital released this into the wild before the authorities could catch up. When I say authorities, I mean the press, and when I say press, I mean only me as I’m sure everyone else knew about this action game in advance.

Ruiner - This is the future
This is the future. Source: PR

Nevertheless, Ruiner is a critically acclaimed title developed by Reikon Games. It can be bought from the Nintendo eShop, or you could wait a little longer and get the physical version from Special Reserve Games.

Or both, collectors.

Far away in the year 2091, facing an evil corporation (ingredient number one), you take on a corrupt system intending to rescue your kidnapped brother. With the help of a hacker friend and some augmented tools (ingredient number two), you battle the corporate titans for justice.

Ruiner is ultra-stylish and if you don’t believe that, check now with your eyeballs and this trailer:

I repeat, Ruiner is out now on the Nintendo eShop, with the physical release to follow soon.

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