Ronin Rush Is A Slice Of Life (And A Katana) For A Samurai’s Perspective

Samurai Blitz gets a bigger and better remake in Ronin Rush - a slice 'em up set in feudal Japan, featuring lots of 'orrible yokai.

Studio Thunderhorse is diving back into swordplay with Ronin Rush. Perhaps a teeny bit of a generic title that could easily be missed, but when you consider that this is the same team behind Flynn: Son of Crimson, you have to ask the question: Do I feel lucky, punk?

You could ask that question, though it’s totally irrelevant. Instead, make a note of this upcoming slice ’em up with a very Japanese theme. Do the right thing, and wishlist it once you’ve kindly read through this <ahem> document.

Ronin Rush is based on a 2015 iOS game called Samurai Blitz, and this is a much bigger and better remake. As if you need any persuading to check this out, you’ll be darting through yokai-infested lands wielding all manner of tools like kunai, weapon arts, spirit abilities and a trusty katana.

We see Ronin Rush as a bigger and better version or remake of Samurai Blitz, a game we launched on iOS back in 2015. Bringing this game to PC and consoles is something we’ve always had in the back of our minds, so we can’t wait for more players to experience it!

Case Portman, Studio Thunderhorse
Ronin Rush - Striking
Striking. Source: Studio Thunderhorse

Key features include:

  • Fast-paced, combat driven gameplay.
  • A vibrant hand-crafted pixel world set in feudal Japan.
  • 5 unique worlds brimming with new mechanics and personality.
  • Various challenges for both grasshoppers and seasoned gamers alike.
  • A free-roam world map to explore and unlock new areas.
  • Many special abilities and samurai skills to unlock.

Ronin Rush doesn’t have a release date just yet, but be sure to add it to your wishlist. Deets below.