Rogue Explorer Does Its Own Thing This Week And Explores

Head into the Abyss Tower and swipe all the loot in Rogue Explorer - an indie rogue-like out this week on consoles from Eastasiasoft.

Monday’s are unofficially ‘catch up with reviews’ day, and release news tends to be relatively quiet. That said, an upcoming title from EastasiasoftRogue Explorer, is out this week on consoles.

Not just a coincidence in the title, but Rogue Explorer is a rogue-like, though it opts for a slightly more forgiving path than its counterparts. For starters, should you die (you will), you’ll keep your character and their gear, you’ll just lose any special skills or stat boosts.

Rogue Explorer - Don't throw that at me
Don’t throw that bloody spear at me. Source: Eastasiasoft

That matters for those who get attached to their characters – especially when you get to customise them by altering their look, colours and crafting weapons and armour, it’d be nice to keep them when you dive deep into that Abyss Tower.

But what is this Abyss Tower? That’s where the action takes place, darling. This is essentially a dungeon crawler in the form of a side-scrolling platform game chock full of loot to… loot. You’ll even fight oversized bosses such as minotaurs and dragons. 

That’s enough typing. Here’s Rogue Explorer in action:

You can pick Rogue Explorer up for the PS4/5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One from the 18th of August.