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All Roads Reveal Mysterious Secrets In Roadwarden

With hundreds of thousands of text lines and over 40 hours of gameplay, this road trip is going to be epic. Roadwarden out this September (demo available now).

Roadwarden release date
Source: PR

Text-based adventure, eh? Sure, I’d give Roadwarden a shot – especially as Assemble Entertainment are publishing Moral Anxiety Studio’s RPG. Out next month, with a demo available now.

But those are just two features of the game – it also:

…merges elements of high fantasy and medieval adventure and is punctuated by a distinct isometric pixel art style. Combining mechanics borrowed from RPGs, visual novels, and interactive fiction, Roadwarden tells the tale of an explorer hired by a powerful merchant guild, tasked with journeying to a mysterious peninsula to spread the guild’s influence.

Epic is not the word as there are over 40 hours of gameplay with hundreds of thousands of text lines, upgradeable character abilities, and no two playthroughs are the same.

Here’s an example of Roadwarden’s key features:

  • Explore & Change the World: Discover the secrets and face the challenges of a hostile fantasy world — inevitably unveiling its uniquely sinister history.
  • Grow With the Challenge: Create your own background story, personal abilities, beliefs, and personality to shape your very own future as a Roadwarden.
  • Classical RPG Attitude: Prepare yourself for an epic journey, either as a warrior, mage or scholar, and define your character‘s traits; like friendly, playful or intimidating, during interactions with various NPCs
  • Mysteries Unfold: Use your savvy and wiles when investigating and drawing your conclusions to understand the true nature of this world. Immerse yourself in detailed dialogues and sidequests with dozens of NPCs to gain their trust and support.

… and today’s announcement trailer:

Roadwarden is coming to PC, Mac and Linux via Steam on the 8th of September. If you can’t wait until then (not that you need a reason), the demo can be downloaded now. Deets below.

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