Road Z The Last Drive
Source: PR

Out now on Steam, Road Z The Last Drive – a driving game which sees you racing across the US with a population of zombies.

What could be the last drive for zombie games as cyberpunk titles creep up out of the woodwork, this action driving game from Blue Moose Games features some good old-fashioned zombie maiming.

As Doctor Lactus puts you in charge of delivering a vaccine that could save the world (topical), you have to drive your way across the United States mowing down all the undead in your path.

Road Z The Last Drive - Interior
Interior shot. Source: PR

Choose from a variety of weapons that can be mounted on your vehicle, including a turret and a flamethrower, but also there are upgrades such as a fuel tank, armour and nitro bottles. 

There’s not much else to say as it’s clear what your mission is and what you must to do to succeed. Here’s a gameplay trailer:

Road Z The Last Drive is out now on Steam.

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