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Will You Befriend Dennis In Road Diner Simulator?

The Dennis Gaming Universe expands as he’ll feature in DRAGO Entertainment’s Road Diner Simulator. Part of a trilogy…?

Road Diner Simulator coming in 2023
Source: Steam

I didn’t expect to be writing about that goon Dennis again (Gas Station Simulator), but he’s back by popular demand – a statement I’m making up as that can’t be true – in the upcoming Road Diner Simulator.

That’s the only reason he’s being brought up again, the most annoying thing about that game that wasn’t cars flipping or staff not sweeping properly: the new game will also be by DRAGO Entertainment and focuses on a diner that’s within the vicinity of the gas station. Along the road is also a motel – being developed as Motel Simulator.

While the new titles aren’t connected directly, they are with Gas Station Simulator, and your actions in each will affect the other. Notably your relationship with Dennis. Brill. As for Road Diner Simulator, it’s about renovating a 50s-style diner, accommodating hungry customers, earning some dosh and then expanding the business.

There’s no trailer at the moment – it’s in development – so here’s an image of a kitten:

Photo by Pixabay:

Add Road Diner Simulator to your wishlist, and you’ll have access to the road map. The dev one that is.

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