Pack Your Bags, We’re Going On A Road 96 Trip

With a release date set for Steam and the Switch, make a note as Road 96 is a road trip you want to be part of.
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It’s less than a month to go, then procedural road trip adventure Road 96 will be available to play on Steam and the Nintendo Switch.

From DigixArt, this ‘ever-evolving story adventure’ is inspired by Tarantino, The Coen Brothers and Bong Joon-ho, and having played the demo, there’s nothing quite like it.

Road 96 - Night trip
Night trip. Source: Steam

Road 96 is all about the story and the very many paths that you can take. It sounds like a cliche, but it is an accurate description where one can say, “No one playthrough is the same”. On top of that, the presentation in this game is superb.

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To give an insight into the development of this game, it was devised by Yoan Fanise – a Ubisoft veteran behind titles such as Valiant Hearts – who wanted to focus on independent projects that offered creative freedom yet retained that human element.

DigixArt was formed, and with a team of 15, they were founded under the three pillars: creativity, humility and reliability. You might be noting a difference in writing style for this post, so rather than regurgitate what’s been said, here’s a snippet on the studio’s ethos:

The three are extremely related, because in the past I have seen how creative chemistry can be created and generate a rich and original playful experience, or sometimes not. And for me, this requires above all great humility: each idea can work if it is nurtured by the whole team, if we separate it from any ego and let it evolve. Too strong egos can block this and prevent the ideas of more timid personalities from being expressed and prototyped. Reliability is finally what characterizes us, because we delivered all of our games on schedule.

Yoan Fanise

Believe the hype; Road 96 is going to be a benchmark for 2021. Here’s a quick gameplay video from the demo:

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Road 96 releases on Steam and the Nintendo Switch from the 16th of August.

If you share this, I'll love you forever (ish)