Road 96 Which Road Will You Take? Demo Briefly Available On Steam

An ambitious title, Road 96 claims to have 1000s of paths in this narrative-driven story - coming to PC and Switch, but demo on Steam now for a few days...

Road 96 is currently playable as a demo on Steam through the Steam Next Fest. Having just watched the developer commentary found further down this post, it’s fast-tracked to the top of the pile.

You play as a teen who aims to cross the border that is thousands of miles away. To reach there, you hitch some rides, meeting some rather dubious looking characters. The clip of Jarod sounds slightly like Tadanobu Asano in Mortal Kombat (it’s not him).

Road 96 - Run
Definitely run, based on this image… Source: Steam

Developed by DigixArt which is led by industry veteran Yoan Fanise, this is a game that will explore 1000s(!) of possibilities as your actions result in consequences. More importantly, each path will be different to others.

In fear of this sounding like a lazy comparison, the visuals look a little like Hitchhiker, with a bit of Pixel Ripped 1995 thrown in. Coincidentally, Road 96 is set in 1996, so I’m hopeful of reliving the 90s once more.

Check out the developer commentary below:

Road 96 is due in the Summer 2021. While a demo is available on Steam, the full game will also be coming to the Nintendo Switch. You can also catch up with the developers during the festival. 

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