Risk of Rain 2 on Steam
Source: Steam

After a successful Steam Early Access period, Risk of Rain 2 is now out on Steam, having already sold two million copies in the development stage.

Developed by Hopoo Games with Gearbox PublishingRisk of Rain 2 is a ‘fast-paced co-op rogue-like shooter. With over ten characters to choose from, you must take each survivor and escape the alien planet you find yourself trapped on.

Risk of Rain 2 - Blade
Blade. Source: Steam

With over 110 items to pick up, no run is ever the same. As co-founders of Hopoo Games Paul Morse and Duncan Drummond said about the latest 1.0 update:

Since March of 2019, the game doubled in size with new survivors, levels, and items. Still, more importantly, the passionate community guided us in implementing and finessing gameplay elements and systems that leave this final product feeling holistically improved upon.

But you already know all about the game, right? Here’s a trailer:

Risk of Rain 2 is out now on Steam and for a brief time will be discounted until 18th of August.

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