Ripout Your LPW, It’s Time To Kick Some Alien Butt (In 2022)

A sci-fi horror co-op FPS set in the 22nd century, Ripout tells the tale of humanity conquering the solar system with.... resistance...

An email in my inbox saying ‘Ripoff’ was swiftly re-read (with a swig of coffee) as Ripout – an upcoming co-op horror coming to the PC in 2022. Get out your journal to make some notes – this looks awesome.

From Pet Project Games, you’ll get to wander around derelict spaceships now that humanity has ‘reached beyond Earth to conquer the solar system’. Didn’t you get the memo? That’s ok – it’s set in the 22nd Century, not current news.

Ripout - Mother-in-law joke
Mother-in-law joke. Source: Steam

As can be expected with conquering rather than exploring, those silly old humans have stirred up the nest, and there are some alien forces inbound for a meet and greet. This isn’t that moment of finding out about one another unless you want to see their insides, as this is a sci-fi FPS.

Using the latest biotech weapons, the soldiers in Ripout get to use a customisable LPW (Living Pet Weapon) that seemingly pees all over the BFG of old. 

Key features of Ripout include:

  • Procedurally generated levels: Ripout is a sci-fi procedurally-generated shooter, enabling players to undertake missions that will never be the same.
  • Variety of different missions, monsters and objectives: Every mission will offer various objectives to cater to players with different playstyles. Mutants can reconfigure their bodies and assimilate other monsters to become a constantly evolving threat.
  • Scalable co-op multiplayer: Featuring intense co-op gameplay, Ripout offers scalable difficulty to ensure teams always have a fun yet challenging experience.
  • Sentient weapon companions: Players have their LPWs by their side at all times. They can use them as a weapon to shoot mutants or unleash it to feast on enemies and even harness some of their biotech powers.
  • A cozy hub ship: Players can take a break between patrols in their cruiser hub. Hang out with your friends, play some arcade mini games from the 80s and customise your loadout, ready for another randomly generated mission.

Here’s a trailer thus far:

Ripout is heading to Steam in 2022, so if you want a reminder nearer the time, head on over to that wishlist button below.