RIPOUT Early Access Gets Its First Content Update: Payload Update

The Payload Update is the first content update for horror shooter RIPOUT Early Access, and is available now.

It’s here: the first content update for RIPOUT Early Access featuring all-new payload missions and levels, a new sidearm called the Machine Pistol, plus additional garments. Ladies, gents and miscellaneous: the Payload Update.

If you know nothing about this co-op horror shooter from 3D Realms and Pet Project, it’s a sci-fi first-person experience where you can dismember mutations with your weapons and get this: alien pets. Read the write-up for first impressions.

However, the Payload Update isn’t just bitches and bling, as the enemies also have access to an upgrade called the Geist. What does it do? It makes them invisible, but your pet gun can steal and use it for your own endeavours. Showers do not feature in the game.

Here’s a list of updates:

  • Payload Missions: Blast into additional levels with the brand-new Payload Delivery mission type. Deliver a critical payload through the mutant onslaught to receive your loot!
  • New Sidearm: Tear through monstrous enemies quicker than ever with the new Machine Pistol sidearm!
  • Additional Garments: Unlock two new full suits.
  • New Module: The new Geist module will allow you to become invisible – but beware – your enemies gain invisibility, too.
  • Tutorial Improvements: Tutorial, lobby and navigation updates make RIPOUT easier to tear into than ever before!
  • Additional Updates: In addition to new content, the Payload Update brings with it more bug fixes and balance updates to the easy and hard difficulty modes.

Watch the Payload Update trailer below:

The Payload Update for RIPOUT Early Access is out now. Store page link follows below.