Ridiculous Catapult Simulator Is Just Plain Crazy

A physics-based tower defence game, Ridiculous Catapult Simulator allows you to throw anything from cars to bath tubs.

Announced during Gamescom, Ridiculous Catapult Simulator is an upcoming physics-based title for Steam.

After reading physics-based there was a cheeky little word combo that used that floats my boat: tower defence. As well as the rag-doll physics and deck-building elements, the game is a fundamental tower defence game. I’m in.

Wait, the publisher is All in! Games. They know too much. 

Ridiculous Catapult Simulator - Smoke
Smokey. Source: PR

Developed by FailcoreRidiculous Catapult Simulator has a wide range of items that can be launched. From bathtubs to cars, if it ain’t bolted down, you can fling it.

We’re thrilled to cooperate with All in! Games to help our title reach a wider audience. Early Access is a great way to gather player feedback and will help us create a balanced, systemic experience.

Jan Cieślar, Failcore’s founder and creative director. 

Here’s a teaser trailer for Ridiculous Catapult Simulator:

A demo will be available during the Steam Game Festival Autumn Edition, in the meantime, bookmark/wishlist from the Steam page.