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RICO: Breakout Breaking Out Next Week

Rico Breakout DLC release date

Yeah, lazy headline, but it has been one of those days. In the short space of time in mentioning the last piece of news…there’s more! Breaking out (clever, huh?) next week is RICO: Breakout on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Steam – DLC for the game Rico.

At first, I may have filled my pants as RICO: Breakout looks great – like this generation’s XIII, only it’s not a standalone game and I had to do a double-take to confirm that this is in fact DLC. Nevertheless, RICO has now been added to my list of games.

Rico Breakout - Guns
Oranges aren’t the only fruit. Source: PR

In the RICO: Breakout DLC, from Ground Shatter and Rising Star Games, you take on prisoners that have broken out of San Amaro prison – that dastardly place, and, well, put them back in their place with an enviable arsenal to take any enemy down.

Features include:

  • New Weapons
    • G-18 – Fully automatic pistol
    • USG45 – High calibre sub-machine gun
    • K36 – Short-barrel special forces rifle
  • New Level
    • A new lockdown level sees the player trapped in the San Amaro prison facing down the escaped prisoners trying to take them out.

In addition to the new weapons and level, there’s a free update to RICO: Breakout that includes seven brand new tracks from the RICO soundtrack.

When can we expect this DLC to be released? Now! I mean, the 12th of March.

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