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Does Anybody Read The Review Policy Disclaimers?

My review policy: my opinion.

This isn’t a feature, but just a heads up; if you read my reviews to contribute to whether you should buy a game or not, first of all, thanks, but secondly I just wanted to say that any score you come across is my opinion.

It seems obvious, but perhaps it needs an explanation. Do you like coffee? Me too. How about fish? Not me. Ok, so am I wrong because I have a difference of opinion? Surely not. That’s a difference of opinion. Maybe someone who likes coffee will seek out my opinion, whereas fish fans might take with a pinch of salt.

I always aim to be professional/balanced with my appraisals. There might be the odd exception, but in general, I give relatively high scores – not to butter anyone up, but because I like something.

I don’t want to use terms such as creative or influencer – I’m neither, but I’ve done my time in creative industries and know how much blood and tears go into making something. Tweaking the kerning on some text, or changing the hue on something will often go unnoticed, but you know you did it.

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That’s why I appreciate a lot of games, as well as films, as I understand a lot of sacrifices are made to complete a project. But the end goal is to be honest as what’s the point of a review? I mean, I’m open to bribes… but that’s what this whole site is about: opinion.

So, it’s become apparent of a few blackballing in the industry. Sometimes it might be because you’re not big enough like IGN. That’s fair enough, but other times it might be because you hurt someone’s ego because you wrote a bad review (I don’t think I’ve done that – I certainly don’t aim to for the sake of it).

I’ve had a few colleagues that have encountered that both in gaming and other industries – it’s bound to happen, but I never directly experienced where you would get blocked/ignored by some companies. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t directly experienced this in gaming, but maybe indirectly (what you don’t know won’t hurt you), and based on past experiences, I’m starting to see patterns.

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In summary, in fear of waffling any further and not being too concise about it all, all the reviews here are for fellow gamers. The only bias here are my tastes. The gaming industry, from my experience, has been wholeheartedly professional, courteous and prompt with all dealings (and mostly lovely people), but there is a very tiny group that expect glowing testimonials. No naming and shaming – I’m not about that – as I said, I haven’t been directly affected, but I know it happens.

This also happens when occasionally getting a game a little later than the likes of IGN or Polygon – maybe they’ve given a bad review and publishers are reluctant to send out review copies? But gamers will always make their own opinions. Reviewer scores often differ to the user-based ones. And what qualifies a critic anyway? 

Remember, it’s all opinion. I still think Indiana Jones The Temple of Doom was the best of the trilogy… Don’t you dare click that X.

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