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Retrace Memories Of Death Out This Week
Source: Eastasiasoft


Retrace Memories Of Death – Find The Right Path To Save Your Friends From Death’s Door

Drawn into an alternate world of death, lead Freya and her friends to safety in Retrace Memories of Death.

Recently, Eastasiasoft released a showcase of upcoming games, and among that list of titles was a 2D mystery adventureRetrace Memories of Death. Today’s news is the launch date.

Blending pixel art gameplay with hand-painted character portraits, you will be solving logic-based puzzles and experiencing action sequences as you play Freya, uncovering secrets of a parallel dimension.

Things get ugly after the protagonist and her friends go on a ghost tour and find themselves in an alternate world that seeks their deaths. As Freya in Retrace Memories of Death, you have to save your friends, rewinding time and testing new paths for any chance of survival.

Sounds good. Here’s a trailer:

Retrace Memories of Death comes to the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One on the 24th of February with a 20% launch discount.

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