Resident Evil 3 Remake Confirmed

Resident Evil 3 remake confirmed for April 2020. There, it's in writing. Let's hope Capcom release this on time as it looks ace.

What’s new with you? Same here, but one thing has changed; I’ve decided to write a news piece as… breaking: Resident Evil 3 remake confirmed.

I don’t usually get time to read up on the latest news until a game has gone to release, but I stumbled upon Sony’s State of Play today and saw that a Resident Evil 3 remake is in the works.

It’s only natural, considering the Resident Evil 2 remake had been such a success. I wouldn’t know what it’s like as it’s still sitting on my bookcase waiting to be opened.

I have very fond memories of Resident Evil 2, and then skipping over to Resident Evil Code: Veronica, but never Resident Evil 3 in the middle. Sure I’ve seen others play it, but not got my grubby mitts on it yet.

Now might be the time. Have you seen the trailer?

Looks a bit like the mothership in Independence Day, no?

At first, I thought this was Resident Evil 7, and they were going for the first person view again, but as you no doubt saw in the clip above, it’s our dear friend, Jill Valentine. Man, these remasters/remakes/reboots look good.

The Resident Evil 3 remake will be available on the 3rd April 2020, but don’t hold your breath. With titles such as The Last of Us Part II and Ghosts of Tsushima (mentioned in the State of Play), triple A’s too, miss their deadlines. However, I don’t doubt for one second that they will be worth the wait.

You’ll be pleased to know that Nemesis makes a ‘welcome’ return to the game, and according to the producers, he’ll still be filling his role as the pursuer in the title.

Nemesis returns in Resident Evil 3 remake from press release
You and this guy? You’ll get on like a house on fire

What I suppose is most interesting about the Resident Evil 3 remake is the addition of the online multiplayer section: Resistance. As someone who mainly views online gameplay as witchcraft, even I’m salivating from the gameplay.

There are four players present and one mastermind. The four have to survive traps and monsters orchestrated by the mastermind, the architect of the game. Being able to control the chimeras from the Umbrella Corporation looks fantastic, and I’m genuinely looking forward to getting my hands on this one.

However, I’m holding out for a Resident Evil Code: Veronica reboot, should Capcom get to it in their list. Oh Claire, the adventures we’ve been on…

In the meantime, Resident Evil 2 remake is available on the PS4, and we’ll hopefully get to play Resident Evil 3 remake in the first quarter of 2020.