Republic Of Pirates? Yep, I’ll Have A Bottle Of Rum And A Dirty Bum

Rebuild your father's reputation, liberate islands, engage in sea combat and secure some booty - Republic of Pirates is coming to Steam.

Yes, I will support piracy when it’s PQube’s Republic of Pirates. Setting sail – aarrrggghhh! Such a cliche! – for PC via Steam in 2024, this is a pirate simulator you’ll want to get your teeth into.

Set during the Golden Age of Piracy (yes, the best time to be a pirate), after being wronged by some traitors on your father’s ship, you set out to re-establish their reputation, liberate islands, and seek justice in the best way a pirate can do.

With real-time sea battles, base-building and setting up trade routes, Republic of Pirates sets out to be a compelling strategy game full of action, potential, and hopefully, grog.

Here’s the current trailer:

Republic of Pirates is coming to Steam in 2024. Make sure you wishlist it if this is your sort of thing.