Relics Of Chaos Update For Monster Sanctuary

Three years after its release, Monster Sanctuary gets a free update with loads more stuff: Relics of Chaos out now.

Running out of available shelves and general storage space to place your monsters? How about your relics? There’s no time, as you need to expand more with the Relics of Chaos update for Monster Sanctuary.

Released almost three years ago now(!), Moi Rai Games and Team17’s Metroidvania has got even bigger, and it won’t cost you a penny as it’s a free update for PC and consoles (pending you have the base game, silly.

Here are just some of the key features in the Relics of Chaos update:

  • Static Strike: First hit never misses and deals 15% more damage when not critical
  • Riposte: Counterattack with 300% defence and triples the chance to trigger on hit effects 
  • Shock Support: Non-damaging actions apply shock to two random enemies
  • Heavy Hitter: Monster gains 1% critical damage for every 20 defence
  • Healing Echo: When using a single target healing action, also heal another ally with the lowest health by 35% of that ability’s total healing amount

And an update trailer…

Relics of Chaos update is available now for the PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. Not even heard of Monster Sanctuary? Here’s me review.