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Relic Hunters Zero Remix Release Date

The Nintendo Switch represents as Relic Hunters Zero Remix release date is May, and it’s the first appearance of the series on consoles.

Developed by Rogue Snail and published by Akupara Games, this rogue-like has already had a large following on PC.

Taking control of the crew of the Spaceheart, you dash about in this frantic twin-stick shooter with power-ups and weapon upgrades galore.

The aim in Relic Hunters Zero Remix is to hunt for ancient relics while taking on the evil Ducans.

Not evil Duncans, as I read it.

Relic Hunters Zero Remix - Orange
The orange planet. Source: PR

Here are just some of the very many features you can expect in Relic Hunters Zero Remix:

  • Seven Playable Characters – Each Relic Hunter comes equipped with unique stats, skills, and skins, allowing for diverse playstyle and combat
  • Multiple Explosive Game Modes – Classic 12-level Adventure Mode with unlockable relics and items; challenging “Endless” Mode with unique mechanics and economy; “Storm” Mode that progressively increases in difficulty and chaos
  • Daily Content – Show off your combat prowess and see how you rank against your fellow Hunters in Daily Mode, where everyone faces the same random challenge 
  • Couch Co-Op Multiplayer – Up to 2 players can team up in local multiplayer for new strategies and battle tactics (Dual Joy-Con and Pro Controller support)
  • Progressive Original Chiptunes Soundtrack – Energetic tracks to amp you up as you beatdown swarms of Ducans
  • Overcome Tough Enemies & Mini-Bosses – Be cautious of the powerful Ducan commanders who will rise up to overwhelm you and your team
  • Powerful Community-Built Weapons – Explore the Asteroid Dungeon Nemesis riddled with a myriad of different weapons, some even designed by members of the Relic Hunter community
  • In-Game Achievements – Track and unlock achievements for a variety of challenges you’ll face

View one of the many trailers below:

Discounts available for the pre-order and launch of Relic Hunters Zero Remix are until the 11th of May.

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